What makes our days, and what causes low mood? Is it what´s happening to us, or how do we see it? We can influence only a part of what is around us but how we respond to it is all in our hands. If we end up in the middle of an urgent storm of negative thoughts, we have entered...

Just lay down, be buried with a thick layer of soil, and wake with first spring. Every day beyond the comfort zone, I find myself cutting the unfunctional, making mistakes, eager to give up.

In the beginning, was the Word. Maybe this is our problem, from the tiny childhood loads of information, rules, how-to tips, ratings, thoughts, and restrictions that have been surrounding us.

Are you also feeling depressed by the lack of social gathering now in the pandemic? To share the day, to feel the support, human proximity, and belonging. Listening to the news in the media only triggers us faints because the situation outside is not getting any better. What's left for us? Focus inside, into the solitude, world of quiet, and...

Why is sugar so addictive? How to resist sugar temptation easily? Less is better.

Maybe it's because of the memory of my childhood, why I want to wear things that can turn me back in time. And finally, I start looking younger (at least in my head).

Running is something that we normally don´t use as a way to move as we have grown up. For childhood, running means an absolute essence. Where is the moment we stop running in such a joyful way?

Watching my kids improving each day and making progress, I want the same. Am I too old to do this? Is it the end of my productive age knocking on my door, so is it no use trying? Even there is no time, no teacher, no afternoon club where to go with a clear head.