How to see through less is more a sustainable joy


We all want to live with EASE and focus just on our wants, desires. 

We donĀ“t want to have any problems, solve unexpected situations, be ill, etc...

Everybody finds its own way. Underneath our seeking for a fulfilled life, there is the right mission hidden somewhere that suits just you and nobody else.

One of the ways how to start the journey is to concentrate on the inner joy, with which we are coming to this world. The joy could be hidden almost in every activity, but first, we should prepare our living environment to see it...

And here comes uncluttering... Less is more. Itis obvious, nowadays, taking into account the material way of life. So why is it so demanding to keep the course?

For me, the most difficult is not to bring home any new stuff. After two big waves of letting things that do not make me a joy go off, I can breathe more properly at home. I do not have to spend so much or maybe almost all my time on housekeeping. This is the best about minimalism the full-time charlady has gone on holiday.

When we start refusing any new stuff, we feel more accurate to produce as much as possible at home. The best part is that we can really enjoy the process of creating.
In the same way when we were kids, and we grew by acquiring new abilities.

To enjoy it.

I think we are still in the first place, and our inner feeling is crucial. If not, there is no use to press yourself in it because of the planet, because everybody else does it. (Maybe your time will come later.)

Because of you, you are doing it because you want.

Thankfully a lot of necessities that I need from the drugstore I can make in DIY quality myself, and sometimes it even works:-)!

Here are my winners in each category:

LAUNDRY: washing gel (boiled water, grated soap, soda, essential oil)

HAIR: shampoo with SALVIA -perfect for recovering grey hair and combing (boiled water, grated olive soap, salvia extract, soda, glycerine)

FACE: facial cleanser (distilled water, alcohol, grated olive soap, marigold extract, glycerine, aloe vera, essential oil)

FACE CARE: cream with beeswax (almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, lavender, marigold, flower water, cornstarch, glycerine, essential oil)

And yes on top of it, it makes sense:

* little spare of space in the recycle bin

*no splashed chemicals in sewerages

*the cost is incomparable to a price in the shops

*the positive effect on the brain and limbic system that the natural fragrances have, and their capability at the same time to harmonize body and soul

*the satisfaction and joy to make such a good natural product is much bigger, compared when bought at the shop

How many things we can produce at home make comfortable confidence in the power of our housing skills. And it helps us feel that life is easy.

The poetic of japan living together with old Epicurean "Less is more" which finds the pleasure in the easy and sophisticated way of life free of fears, support me to feel fine when thinking about everyday repetitive activities. The joy is somewhere hidden, but there is.

Make your own cleaning stuff and cosmetics!