To have or not to have the net bag


Maybe it's because of the memory of my childhood, why I want to wear things that can turn me back in time. And finally, I start looking younger (at least in my head).

Here am I, under viewed by wearing the net bag to have lived on this planet just as long as the second war had just ended. It is more than 70 years and this is the punk
to be considered such age.
And the astonishing compliments by the cashdesk made by man usually (their space orientation is really different from woman's) how many things can be the net bag fulfilled are making my day. Even when I was young, I hardly understood what for are compliments about the appearance, but to be admired because of wearing a bag (by man) that is something!

Light grey net bag perfect for storage kids clothes
Light grey net bag perfect for storage kids clothes

I do love wearing net bags. Even when I don´t have any with me when I am out, I am a little bit nervous, not because of the big ecological aspect, but because of all these unbelievable things I can do with:

• save an over kicked ball behind the fence
• easily hang them over the bike, when we are on holiday
• carry a big birthday cake
• shorten the time of searching for things in my handbag (reserve clothes for little children if whatever happens).

 • swing the little sibling (activity for younger ones)

• kick the ball alone, when there are no players