Sugar, Honey


Why is sugar so addictive? How to resist sugar temptation easily? Less is better.

During my whole life, my everyday routine was fulfilled with searching for something sweet. For many reasons:

* when things went wrong

*when things went right, and I just had a great time with friends, family...

*when there was something tempting ¨

*when there was just some (milk) chocolate

*when there was just something sweet that could be eaten and was not much late after the date of consumption

But to cut the income of sweet energy seemed an unbreakable spell, to cut it on the command of the reason was for me a terrific task. Eat just a little bit less chocolate, and to imagine even "no chocolate ever" could be the end of my days! So the same perspective as the addictiveness has...

My Slovak roots have implemented in my genetic code an absolute passion for eating, for good food (luckily not like the Russian ones, where there is, on top of it, a big longing for vodka).

So all my life I just ate sweets, cakes, chocolate, and ice creams. And all the time, I had been trying unsuccessfully to resist. With my first child expecting, there was an absolute must: spaghetti and the ketchup - that thing every child loves because of its sweet taste and the rest of the population stays in the panic only to see it at the table. Not only thanks to its fantastic consistency and ability to be found everywhere after lunch. With my third baby hosting, I desperately longed for candies. I could have eaten the packet alone only in the half ballet turnover starting from the movement of opening the shelf and turning away with the look nothing had happened. Lucky for me, the older children have had the radar for candies, so I had never eaten much.

So here is my proof that the head controls appetites badly. It is really better to start avoiding sugar slowly and with the joy sitting in your heart. Once you realize that sugar is making you tired, it is much easier.

When you start, then the very first day you can feel quickly so many benefits, and this can make your day and helps to keep on in the future. Start with limiting the consumption, first day to 50% of the income of the previous day, then less and less every day. Little by little you can swing around the 0 point of sugar in your blood. The aim is not to kick off sugar out of your life at once!

Just focusing on good signs, not suppressing the unbelievable temptation. And you will see a fantastic miracle. The less sugar you eat, the more unpalatable are the products and meal with sugar for you. You start enjoying the taste of natural ingredients and raw food.

Here are some benefits:

*no afternoon seeking for a horizontal position on a couch (sugar has a strong after effect on the orexin system in the head and let us feel terribly tired)

*Stronger immune system (sugar also affects our health in general)

*reduced overconsumption (you eat only when hungry, you are not guided by the unexpectable attack of temptation, sugar wants more sugar)

*you can feel the real taste of natural food (and you finally eat less, because when you eat a lot of sugar that it is like a spiral, you can not step away, and all the time there is a hunt for another sweet)

*your personal weight can get to ideal more closer (I lost 7 kilos in half a year together with a little bit of running, but I didn´t have to keep any diet, I just ate whatever I want, sometimes even sugar but just one or two bites to realize this is not tasty at all)

*you save your money, less temptation in the market (you won´t buy any products with sugar and other artificials, you don´t have to read etiquette, because you are just guided by your inner feeling what is good for your body naturally)

Honey or date syrup can make your dish or drink sweet without a negative impact on your body. Step by step, you realize there is no need to sweeten almost at all. This is the miracle - your appetite will change.

Make a joy of sugar-free will!