What's the secret to unconditional love, and where can you find it?


When children enter our lives, we begin to love them, raise them, and start a completely new life filled with challenges. Somewhere there, in an instant present moment, we realize that a way easier to survive/accept /fully enjoy these unique moments is when we surround ourselves with unconditional love. But where would we find such warmth if we had not grown up in the vibrations of absolute acceptance?

Ordering it from the place of mindful understanding with the hope that this could help, works only for a while.

Where can we find the power to accept life in all its shades it has?

If we grew up in an obedient mode, and we do not want to repeat this old unfunctional mode, we need to learn to love ourself a lot. We need to cultivate a profound love for ourself, which is crucial for approaching things differently. When we have babies, we want them to sleep when they are wide awake and to be awake when they feel like sleeping. We try to get them to stop doing one thing or start another and follow our immediate needs.

Where can we discover a source of energy to sustain exhausting and challenging situations, little crises, and also joyful moments?

If we want to break out of old, dysfunctional patterns and not react out of fear.

And one day, if we stay still enough with our eyes wide open, we will find it.

Every child is born with unconditional love. Children have it from the start, ready to show us if we let them be themselves. When we sit next to them with a silent mind and tune to their essence, where there are no thoughts like:

Rush: 'Hurry, you do not have time to play. We need to go now.'

Judgment: 'You should be better at this at your age.'

Nervosity: 'I should be preparing lunch instead.'

Duty: 'Look at this mess around.'

Urgency: 'Do it this way, it is faster.'

Future: 'How am I going to manage all this?'

Past: 'Why do you always do this?'

Just a simple presence when we connect with them on the vibration of pure, easeful existence in the present moment. When we join the activity they perform or the world they imagine. 

It is all that they need. It is all that we need.

It took me a long time to accept that children can read our thoughts not word for word but through the tension with which our body and mind vibrates. If we sit in silence with full acceptance of our existence, at that moment, we can feel the source of unconditional love emanating. (for children, it has not dusted off under social and behavioral conditioning).

Aristotle first identified four sources of elements in nature: EARTH, WATER, SUN, and AIR. Suppose unconditional love is just the fact that everything lives at its full potential. Consider how the seed of a flower or vegetable begins to grow, requiring the right conditions and timing, along with essential elements like heat from the SUN, WATER, oxygen from the AIR, and fertile soil from the EARTH. These four interrelated elements collectively enable each seed to complete its growth phase.

Could this concept similarly apply to humans in realizing our potential? By fully embracing our essence, we might find patience and trust that everything will unfold in due time.

Imagine allowing the energy from these four natural sources to saturate our physical existence. Breathe deeply, hydrate, soak in the sunshine, connect with the Earth, and accept all forms of life around us as they are. It includes spiders, angry neighbors, coworkers, and frustrated children:-)

Accept the 'weather' of our current circumstances, with the inner knowledge that everything will arrive at its appropriate time. Focus on creation, not as a fearful reaction to life, but from understanding our valuable role in the universe.

What if unconditional love is a simple, inherent right to exist without question—a gift with which children are born into our world? Such a perspective might redefine our understanding of unconditional love, viewing it not as a vast, immeasurable giving but as foundamental, unquestionable right to existence.

Choose Love!