Diving into silence


Are you also feeling depressed by the lack of social gathering now in the pandemic? To share the day, to feel the support, human proximity, and belonging. Listening to the news in the media only triggers us faints because the situation outside is not getting any better. What's left for us? Focus inside, into the solitude, world of quiet, and try to live here?

Thanks to new technologies, we have an unlimited approach to inspiration how to find inner balance and harmony. Instant tranquility and happiness are at hand 24 hours a day.

But what if a lifelong seeking for a warm and quiet corner where a soul can have a rest is more reasonable than searching for a quick solution?

To stay quiet is the only helpful advice that worked for me for years in difficult situations, not only with kids. When staying mute, my children can solve many hassles and misunderstandings better than I would have done with my subjective input. When talking about conflict topics with adults, this helps not to be quelled by emotions and stand over.

"Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence. " Leonardo da Vinci

Now, during the pandemic, we have been bound to silent, so here are 6 good reasons why to welcome quiet to our life:

- Healing power

Quiet helps to recover from illness or after surgery. Our body is also able to sleep and rest better if it is not disturbed. It is much more difficult to fall asleep surrounded by noises.

The National Library of Medicine published a study in 2013 that positive effects of exposure to silence can stimulate the brain to produce new cells. And on the contrary constant exposure to noise has been associated with a high level of cortisol.

- Escape and solution

When we are overwhelmed or are present at some urgent disputation to go away and stay in a quiet place can reduce stress and help to view the problem from a different angle.

- Inspiration

Silence can increase creativity. The moment in quiet before sleep with no distraction, no visual and sound stimuli has a perfect brainstorming effect. Often the great ideas and solutions are found!

"The monology of the solitude of quiet life stimulates the creativity." A. Einstein

- Strenght

If we afford stillness during the rush day and ejoy it, we grow our wealth. To sit and relax, sit and let the thoughts float with no need to solve anything. It is an art of self-love to be able to deal with oneself as a friend.

- Home where the soal lives

All the meditations and spiritual practices are focused on cleaning the mind, trying to think about nothing. It is the same as tidying up a house. Quiet helps us to sort the thoughts. We can go through the day more consciously, and in the evening, we are not so juiced. Cleaning all the thoughts inside the head is the way to feel better.

So don't be afraid of solitude and silence!