It all started in the kitchen. I have been spending here almost all of my time since my children (I have three) have popped up. Even I had a part-time job in publishing while raising the kids, my everyday routine has settled in the kitchen. Seeing how much waste and tasks of everyday activities we had I felt more and more overwhelmed and start to think nihilistically.

And then thanks to following the inner joy in whatever I did I found a path out. 

I found the path that leads to sustainability, on which joy leads me. And this somehow calms me and settle my inner peaceful land. While undertaking with joy, not by suppressing, life seems easier and more simple.

Everybody of us concentrates our mind on different things every little minute, on a different source of information even if we are focused on the same. I am driven to the path of sustainable joys, I feel this is my adventurous journey. I am collecting all the moments that interrelate with saving sources, either our money or the natural sources. Maybe it is because I can't probably do anything better. And because I miss English so much and taking photos and drawing, and after all, I am keen on zero-waste packaging. And now I can do all this at once.

And I hope that you can feel a little bit of joy either and profit while reading this.