Run and run and run, again and again


Running is something that we normally don´t use as a way to move as we have grown up. For childhood, running means an absolute essence. Where is the moment we stop running in such a joyful way?

I used to attend an athletic club at my elementary school, it was the only afternoon club in our neighborhood during communism, (if I don´t count the philatelic one). It was the hardest time and totally joyless. Only results, maximal self-repression, and concentration on time on a stopwatch. The fantastic relief when we, by the end of the year, could throw away the bag with running spikes because matches were over!

What is the difference when we try running with no purpose, just to feel our body move? No command from our head, that we should run. Just the joy in the whole body and heart and the passion for going for a run.
Then it is easy to run slowly and as much as you like. The next day a little bit more, and the next one even more. You don´t care about the weather and the place, just the joy won´t let you stop. And if you don´t go over your natural limits, no pain in muscles will come (mostly), no out of breath. And you can keep on much longer (and with the real inner pleasure during the run) than when it comes only from the must core or because of:



*be the first

*to make 40km in 2 hours

*next week is a marathon

*I am getting fat

*everybody in my surrounding does it

*my doctor said

The easiest way how to start, to keep on and to feel all the benefits as much as is possible, is to follow the simple technique-feel the joy, the same joy as we did when we were children and forgot all the world around

Run as much as you feel like. No matter the weather, how the roads look like, how many kilometres you will make, no mater the speed. just run because of you and feel what is your body possible to perform.

And yes, running is great because: it can shape the body, ensure your health, and is for free. It is a kind of sport that doesn´t require any special equipment, gyms and much time, and it saves our money in the end.

If you can´t run, just walk, but start the very next day!