How to live a more sustainable life? Does it mean we have to suppress ourselves, ban almost everything, and sacrifice what we love? No waste, super quick showers (or better once a week), no travel, no car, no electricity... Just live a little bit like a homeless? These people have incredibly low ecological footprints and fantastic recycling ability, which is exactly the aim of sustainability. However, such a life is pretty tough. I am convinced that the little change in our perspective can count. Not by restricting, but by following joyful feelings can our lives become more pleasant, happier, and sustainable.

Workshop in Úštěk

I am preparing again Natural Cosmetics Workshop, happening on May 26, 2023, at the charming and historic Tkalcovna, a beautiful old fireman station in Úštěk, Czech Republic. 

Reignite your connection with the simplicity and minimalism of taking care of our homes and ourselves. Discover the profound beauty in utilizing what surrounds us and harnessing our own abilities to create effective and uncomplicated recipes that enhance our bond with nature. 

Tkalcovna, with its rich history and serene ambiance, serves as the perfect backdrop for this transformative experience. Unleash your creativity and embrace the calming rhythm of the workshop. Explore the therapeutic benefits of crafting your own cosmetics, using readily available ingredients. Experience the joy of cultivating a mindful approach that deepens our sense of belonging to the earth, our true home.

New Workshop


I am happy to announce that there will be another seminar for those who love creative works, live on the North of Bohemia near Úštěk and want to learn how to prepare few essential home made cosmetics products. My favourite herb sage starring again!

29.10.2022 Tkalcovna Úštěk, Czech Tebublic



This weekend, I will have a little workshop about homemade cosmetics, sustainability, minimalism, and how everyday creative work that is in harmony with nature can help us find inner freedom.

22.9. 14:00 Uštěk, Nothern Bohemia,

Tkalcovna (Weaving Mill), The Czech Republic

     About 5 plums

For me, 5 plums not only evoke the ending summer in the kitchen, nature's gift, and harvest, but also the fact that possessing less is coming back.

In the Epoque of consumerism, when we are at the peak of the curve illustrating the number of useless things that we can jam into our homes, and manage the basic housekeeping with enormous energy, the importance of our inner feelings becomes the main guide.

And the relief, when we gather only things, that make sense and bring us joy together with focusing on other activities that lead to sustainability...

About the origin of a joy

How a little child generates joy, but by the interaction with others and by its own progress.? This is something that we forgot to use as the main motivation to act. As we are growing up, we hear:

"You should..."

"This is the best for you.."

"You must because..."

"Everybody else does it..."

Thus we are more focused on results, aims, money, and possessions. Look at a little child, how is he eager for experiences and sharing his moments with others (laughing especially)? Or is it important for him to gather things and toys? A lot of children suffer from a lack of parents' attention and warmth sometimes. They prefer to spend their time together against living in a golden cage of saturation with material stuff.

And aren't we building such a golden cage for ourselves in a relationship with nature? Then it is much more difficult to feel how to live in a balance. We are focused on growth, earnings, x pairs of shoes, perfectioning the outer look, expensive cosmetics, and even on overeducation since an early age instead of free play.

We were born on EARTH, and our life should be connected with nature as much as possible. Just as the baby is tied to its mother at the very first moment when born, we are bound to nature, to our planet.

And the best is that everybody can find their own way through joyful feeling, which is the basic part of the personality.

Joy can help us feel it.