Swinging, the unconscious way to feel free


In the beginning, was the Word. Maybe this is our problem, from the tiny childhood loads of information, rules, how-to tips, ratings, thoughts, and restrictions that have been surrounding us.

Words, words, words. And every word has its connotation for each of us. They have been attacking us from the very first day of life. We think, when we grow up it will be different thus we are looking forward to being adult. We are sure we will understand everything that is going around.

It is just an illusion. We grew up, finished a couple of schools, few education degrees, but the blurred maze didn't disappear.

The brain is chock-full with information, analysis, musts and shoulds, worries, fear. Our soul seeks a quiet corner, relax. The limbic system has to be fed with soothing treatment when we want to be in balance. There are so many ways how to calm down

-natural scents in aromatherapy


-healing touch (weighted blanket)

- floating in the water,


- music

- prayer

- yoga, practicing exercises

- breathing techniques

- gardening, and others.

Swinging is an easy method of meditative relaxation that doesn't require any previous practice and conscious work. It is here for us to sit in a calming process and let the world around us minimize for an instant. 

Numbers of scientific studies quote that swinging has specific benefits:

-it stimulates the function of the brain and supports system processes of gross motor skills, which is so favorable for kids in their physical development

- the movement forward and back accurate the blood circulation in the brain and make us feel asleep - it is one of the reliable ways how to calm newborn babies

-quick changes in position empowers perception 

This simple movement can sparkle inner joy that life is worth living, undertaking obstacles. The time, world around is frozen. Body and soul relax together. This unconscious way of feeling free, this little escape, thrives us back to childhood.

Forgetting the universe, on our way to the sky, we can feel younger again.

And you know what, it is almost impossible to feel angry and swing at once!

So make a swing through the day!