In the Middle of an Energetic Circle


Because life is about Energy
Because what we buy was created with Energy
Because everything we do needs Energy

Hands are a crucial factor in early psychomotor development during infancy. Eye-hand-brain cooperation enables socializing adaption. Using hands made our ancestors better at gathering a wider variety of foods. Later it made them better toolmakers. It was a significant ontogenetic step in the development of the human race.

The industrial revolution came with the claim: "Hands off, look, we can ease any aspects of our life! It is the modern age!" Hard work for a living was taken from human hands. Comfort was offered as a new tomorrow.

What started first as ease of harsh living conditions ended in endless agony of convenience

We have saved rivers of human Energy and time thanks to all the great inventions, but now we are sitting on a pile of unwanted things and feelings chasing more and more satisfaction and happiness. But nothing can help us feel right and connected to ourselves for more than an instant. On top of it, we are facing enormous air and water pollution. Microplastics are found everywhere, even in uninhabited places. 

We have grown into a hypermodern society, where individual pleasure has become a sense of life. And now, at the peak of the consumerism curve, we wonder how (on earth) the planet is sick.

More sensitive people who struggle with eco-anxiety feel they should do something about it. They spend their free time in nature, save natural sources, try to reconnect, and stop plastic pollution. They want to step out of the hyperconsumerism spiral, the fairy tale about economic growth.

Can one person make a significant change? What can an attempt to reach a more sustainable future offer us? A reverse? Refusing, reusing, saving sources and Energy

Energy management is a global topic both on the economic and personal levels.

We try to live balanced and harmonized life, which means nothing else than staying in tune from an Energetical point of view.

Humans receive Energy from nature (food, drink, healing remedies, oxygen).

We are, in fact, interconnected with the environment with every breath we take. (The more deeply and consciously we breathe, the more connection to ourselves and nature we can feel.)

Imagine a circle of Energy flowing in nature through humans, through every living creature.

We need Energy for running our body, to support living functions. (20 % of Energetic income goes to fuel the brain!) Every moment we decide how we receive Energy and where we put it.

We try to find balance by implementing a healthy lifestyle into everyday routines:

*  eating the right food 

*  proper drinking regime 

*  proper rest and sleep 

*  staying active, keeping the body fit

*  restoring peace with meditation or other techniques like yoga (Practising yoga is perfect because it helps us focus on the present, stop the brain, and let the body and soal meet together at one place at one time)

We want something more, endless comfort, excitement, a sign of exceptional. Why should we give up our comfort, all the great things? A new holiday, a new place to travel, new clothes, new kitchen gadgets, new sports events, new mobiles, new cultural entertainment?

Why do we search for beauty outside with all our senses? Because they are hungry, hungry to feel. When we join our senses into the everyday creative process (as a regular part of our routine, not only to make art), they become nurtured. They are all day long passive, but they long for fulfillment through action.

The same is with our bodies

A body is eager to perform, to move. It is designed for physical activity.

Humans were born to create. Through this activity, (when we are free from greed, longing for power and money, harming others) , we can reach the satisfaction that life is worth. It enables us to live consciously in the present. Being present is something that can free our souls. And through the connection with nature, we can live in the middle of the Energetic circle.

* What if we start to use handmade Energy for supplying some of the everyday routine needs? Create not only the most beautiful, profitable.

* What if we can find a purpose in life in the creative process of outgiving Energy that respects nature?

* What if we can profit from being a part of the flow of Energy that exists in nature?

When we are in harmony in all our steps (not only in the direction IN- taking- healthy natural food, drinks, sources), but also at the moment, when we use our Energy OUT, we can live in the middle of the Energetic circle.

When we are creating, we are fully living in the moment. Body, soul, senses, mind,concsiousness, heart and Ego are meeting together. We are coming back to our centre, where the body is a perfect home for the soul. We are touching the real essence of ourselves.

In the spirit of nature, everything is connected. 


Choose. Create!