September workshop 2023


Summer's coming to an end and the school hustle is starting up. But don't sweat it!

On September 16th,(12:00-16:00) let's take a break and head over to the charming Tkalcovna in Ustek. It's like stepping into a time capsule with a creative twist.

A corner of pure calm where time slows down, and the crisp air hints at the approaching fall season. Forget about school supply shopping for a moment – we're diving into a world of creativity and bonding.

We'll be making these awesome beeswax wraps for snacks – a clever way to keep things eco-friendly and exciting for school days. And that's not all – we're diving into the secrets of crafting a soothing calendula balm and a natural deodorant. Remember those cool products from our previous workshops? Yep, we're bringing them back!

 So, let's lock in September 16th and make it a date to remember. Tkalcovna is where the magic happens, and we're all about crafts, giggles, and creating memories. We love kids, creative mind and sharing. Can't wait to see you there! 🌼