Baking bread


Why is it so essential to have everyday bread on the table?

My family is hungry all the time. And now when we are spending at home almost all day, it is more accurate. So it is quite exhausting to feed them. Not mentioned thinking about nourishing aspects or healthy ones.

So to take a slice of bread is the way how to survive the day.

It helps to keep the atmosphere at an unobjectionable level. With hunger, it is becoming in our flat a bit fossy. Thanks to lockdown, it is more accessible, we have some flour stored, finally.

Unfortunately, good bread requires some care. That is it. It is not just an instant soap. But the care dedicated you can even smell, feel, see, and share. I love the joy when the bread bursts the surprising reaction because of its taste. The more you take care of, the more is the bread crispy and feathery. And don't forget to salt! Even the fact the salt is not much healthy, it is crutial for final taste.

I heard on the radio a very remarkable sociobiological study about hunger in the animal world. It concerned the behavior of specific species of caterpillars. As they were growing up on a leaf and were preying on the plant more and more, their living place became to minimize. At a specific time, they started to fight for food because of survival. Their connatural aggressivity drove their behavior because of hunger.

The scientists debated about how the aspects of hunger can strengthen aggressive behavior.

They reported social statistics on the deaths of young men worldwide as being caused mainly by aggressive attacks. They debated about aggressivity, how much is inborn, if it is a question of evolution, and that we should search for answers in nature to understand social behavior.

If we imagine that there is a causal and natural relationship between hunger and aggression, then baking bread seems to be something very essential. The lack of food is one of the stressors that attacks our old part of the brain. When we are tired, frustrated, or exhausted, the front of the neocortex cannot reasonably process impulses around. We react exaggeratedly, we behave more nervous, and conflicts happen.

On the contrary lot of people can mindfully control their emotions and reaction during detox. Congratulation if you are amongst them and regularly go on purification. It is hard work.

But for me, not eating half a day means a little disaster (and even when I take into account, my children). So that is the reason I bake bread. Home can be then a little cozier place. Finally, one Christian pray begins with words about the role of everyday bread.

Baking bread is great because

- it is cheaper compared to the price of a tasty one at a shop

- the joy spread around (my children are jumping when they see the bread freshly taken from the oven)

- all the step by step signs of progress can shift you closer to the real essence of a warm and cozy home

- it is healthier than the bought one

- you have something when everybody is hungry

- it is not so demanding when you have tips on how to do it quickly and easily

Make a joyful routine of baking bread!