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What makes our days lighter or darker?

Is it what´s happening to us, or how do we see it?

We can influence only a part of what is around us but how we respond to it is all in our hands.

If we end up in the middle of an urgent storm of negative thoughts, we have entered a space where we think and act out of rational control. But if we clear our minds throughout the day instantly, we can stop at once the first signs of being overwhelmed by dark clouds.

(We do not need to wait for meditation at a specific time at the most suitable place.)

This practice does not require much effort or time and brings instant relief.

It ceases us from diving again and again into seeing the negative aspects of life.

It is similar to cleaning the house. When our mind is free and open, we can observe the world more clearly, understand without judging, see circumstances of circumstances, and perceive everything around us as more attractive.

The clue lies in making the brain busy with repetitive, monotonous, simple focus tasks. The brain will be hard at work, and the mind can have a rest.

Imagine there is a perfect restroom in your head and whatever happens, you can come in, step in for a bit of freshness, and then go back on (it is perfect when you are at a doctor, school consultation, or in the middle of a dispute)

These three tricks correspond with an open world of childhood where time did not rule over our days when the momentum was the KINGDOM.

1. PICK ONE WORD (positive or neutral from an actual thought- a sentence currently flying in your head) and MAKE from this word A SONG (Mantra).

For everyone has each word its different connotation (its vibration)- based on language, culture, family, socioeconomic condition, and life experience.

It is calming in a way that reminds us of what we all did in early childhood, what little kids do when they learn to speak and understand the meaning of the words.


When we start to think in foreign languages, all the brain capacity goes to translating process to find the appropriate expression.

There is no place for:

  • judging
  • fear
  • comparing
  • association
  • criticism

Describe what you see around yourself and, after a while, go inside your body. Observe what is going on and how you feel. All in a foreign language. The easiest, the better.

Swiping the brain into another language helps us concentrate fully on one task, and the soul can rest.

3. CREATE something with your hands that is in harmony with nature

We were born to create and perceive the world with our senses. They naturally desire nourishment, but instead of seeking beauty and satisfaction in creation that is senseful (all our senses are fully present), we seek beauty outside.

Here takes root the hunt for consuming new things, things with better functions, excitement, and cultural and sports events.

But when we start to create something, to join senses, mind, body, heart, soul, brain, and Ego, our whole existence can unite in the present moment.

We find such different, immense satisfaction inside that we do not want to search for it anymore from the outside.

From the point of a clear mind, all the circumstances are enlightened. We can more deeply understand with our whole hearts that everything is as it is and see the beauty around or inside others without the urge to possess it. We get less stuck by the negative thoughts inside. Nothing frightening and stressful from the outside can put us really down because there is nothing to resonate with.

These 3easy activities can help you find the bright sky above your head. Any time of the day when you spot clouds in the heavens, try to connect with your soul! 

Learning to be GRATEFUL

Every day we can find so many things and moments to appreciate.

But it is so different to order it from the position of reason/wisdom - (that we are aware it is worth doing it)- and to feel the meaning of THANKS with every cell.

What works for you to feel GRATITUDE?

My "thank session" begins with expressing the tie I feel to the elements of WATER and AIR.

The fact that every breath we take and every sip of clean water we drink can bring us quickly to the present moment helps me to understand life is full of abundance, but I have to recollect it.

gratitude minimilizing

Brilliant course, inspiring and supportive.

"I love the way Joshua reveals his secret essence. Step by step recipe on how to create engaging texts, how to share ideas that can touch others. The lessons practically uncover the main shortcuts to the English language maze and its structure.

The course taught me how to make writing a priority and how to develop a regulat daily habit.

Loads of inspiration to keep writing and ever-present motivation to finish my first E-book.

An exceptional IN-formation that helps you form your inner world!"

Barbora Liegertová

Energy cycle

Because life is about Energy

Because what we buy it was created with Energy

Because everything we do needs Energy

Hands are a crucial factor of early psychomotor development during infancy. Eye-hand-brain cooperation enables socializing adaption.

Using hands made our ancestors better at gathering a wider variety of foods. Later it made them better toolmakers. It was a significant ontogenetic step in the development of the human race.

The industrial revolution came with the claim: "Hands off, Look we can ease any aspects of our life! It is the modern age!"

Hard work for a living was taken from human hands. Comfort was offered as a new tomorrow.

We have saved rivers of human Energy and time thanks to all the great inventions, but now we are sitting on a pile of unwanted things and feelings chasing for more and more satisfaction and happiness. But nothing can help us feel right and connected to ourselves for more than an instant. On top of it, we are facing enormous air and water pollution. Microplastics are found everywhere, even in uninhabited places.

We have grown into a hypermodern society, where individual pleasure has become a sense of life. And now, at the peak of the consumerism curve, we wonder how (on earth) the planet is sick.

More sensitive people who struggle with eco-anxiety feel they should do something about it. They spend their free time in nature, save natural sources, try to reconnect, and stop plastic pollution. They want to step out of the hyperconsumerism spiral, the fairy tale about economic growth.

Can one person make a significant change?

What can an attempt to reach a more sustainable future offer us?

A reverse? Refusing, reusing, saving sources, Energy.

Let's have a look at the energetic question from a different angle. Energy is topic number 1.

Humans receive Energy from nature (food, drink, healing remedies)

We are, in fact, interconnected with the environment with every breath we take. (The more deeply we breathe, the more connection to ourselves and nature we can feel.)

Imagine a circle of Energy flowing in nature through humans, through every living creature.

We need Energy for running our body, to support living functions. 20 % of Energetic income goes to fuel the brain.

Every moment we decide how we receive Energy and where we put it.

We try to find balance with implementing a healthy lifestyle into everyday routines:

-eating the right food

-proper drinking regime

-proper rest and sleep

-staying active, keeping the body fit

-restoring peace with meditation or other techniques like yoga (Practising yoga is perfect because it helps us focus on the present, stop the brain, and let the body and soal be together at one place at one time)

Why don't we drink only water to stop being thirsty?

Why don't we eat only to stop hunger?

Why don't we use clothes only to protect the body and skin?

Why don't we use our legs primarily to get somewhere quicker?

Why don't we build houses mainly to shelter us?

We want something more, endless comfort, excitement, a sign of exceptional.

Why do we search for beauty outside with all our senses? Because they are hungry, hungry to feel.

When we join our senses into the everyday creative process (as a regular part of our routine, not with the purpose do art ), they become nurtured. They are all day long passive, but they long for fulfillment through the action.

The same is with our bodies. A body is eager to perform, to move. It is designed for physical activity.


Humans were born to create, and through this activity, we can reach the satisfaction that life is worth. We can live in the present. Being present is something that can free our souls. And through the connection with nature, we can live in the middle of the Energetic circle.

What if we start to use handmade Energy for supplying some of the everyday routine needs? Create not only the most beautiful, profitable.

What if we can find a purpose in life in the creative process of outgiving Energy that respects nature? What if we can profit from being a part of the flow of Energy that exists in nature?

When we are in harmony in all our steps (not only in the direction IN- taking- healthy natural food, drinks, sources), but also at the moment, when we use our give our Energy out. We can profit from being connected with nature. In the spirit of nature, everything is connected.

We can see beauty, fading, and the end everywhere. We can feel it as a natural life cycle, an existence.

But why should we give up our comfort, all the great things? New holiday, new place to travel, new trendy

When our purpose is to be a respectful part of nature, we start to feel gratitude for using water, air, and Energy from an environment, and we don't want to contribute to destroying it.Enter your text here...

Dear Joshua,

I hesitated first to write you, but your newest podcast, Sustainable Living, changed my mind!

I think I owe you warm thanks.

Your course How to write better

supported me to finish my first "something" - an E-book about homemade cosmetics and cleaners.

Your bits of advice and unique approach made me keep on with my writing and (even it took too much time) finish it. It also supported me in adding value and finding shortcuts in life that can bring hope and relief. In the beginning, when you can't see the target, it is so difficult.

If I can still join my positive reference on the course, it is now the time when I can speak from my heart and proudly say how helpful it was for me.-) So please remind me where to put it.

Yes, everyday work, creation, it is what can change our reality, our life.

Here's a link if you want to have a quick look at what your words and vibes have contributed.