Books, friends and books


I love books, new books, especially.

I love to enter the bookshops even I know it is an enormous waste of time.

The place itself is so tempting, and the time passes here at a different speed than outside. I wish I could live in a parallel space (running in my head) to sit in a cozy armchair with coffee or a cup of tea and read all the books, newly issued.

Books that have beautiful font type and cover illustration,
rounded corner with no paper packaging on top,
books with bright colors shaping the boardes of pages when it is closed,
with the specific scent of novelty when opened,
with big photos that steel the soul to feel right in or make you hungry when looking at somebody else's plate.

I donĀ“t dare to buy any new books, once it is so expensive, but the lack of space where to put them seems more thrilling.
I found another exciting way how to get to new books (and here I mean also new for me-seen for the first time, but could have been printed ages ago). Already for three years, I have been exchanging books with my friends from high school. We have created the smallest library in the city with no fees and no member card. It is just great each of us has different possibilities of how the books are coming to our homes and different tastes and opinions.And it is just fine to see when one's selection resonates with others.

And the good thing is that we have reason to meet quickly again and talk and talk and talk.......

This is the best about friendship - you share the view, discover new worlds, and LAUGH... And thanks to books, I can see it more clearly.

Make joy from sharing books with friends!